Texas born J. Row is a hip hop/ rap artist who decided to make a career into music after being influenced by the likes of Nelly, Jay-Z, Tupac, DMX and Juvenile and grew up listening to them. Rap was the next best thing after The Blues and r&b (Rhythm and blues) which were his favourite genre as a teenager. His song writing abilities and raping skills landed him in the spotlight in the United States and he got the chance of performing in the SXSW (South by Southwest) four times.

Row’s album ‘Face of the future’ which was released in 2008 caught the attention of the public and made it an instant success which made him join the music industry in the year 2009. Since then Row has released 4 albums including 505 Mixtape in 2010, ‘For the better’ in 2014, The 9’s Vol 1 In 2017 and The 9’s Vol 2 in 2018. He is currently working on another album The 9’s Vol 3 which is set for release in the late 2019 or early 2020. His future plans include the album Gaadspeed. His fifth album included some hard hitting songs like ‘Right Place, Right Time’ and ‘Hard to forgive’. Row decided to lean into a wider range of sounds and styles, so he could convey a wider range of topics and emotions. Row believes in himself and wants his followers to do the same and stand up to the haters.

“Turning up my grind waking up to more pressure but it’s all in yo mind so I never feel pressure”

“Say something or say nothing”

J. Row’s songs cover different areas and the lyrics range from street to love, to the struggles of life and the motivation to get past them.

About J Row’s Instruments:

J. Row makes Hip hop/ rap music with the help of hard-hitting instruments and universal sounds with powerful lyrics leading the way.


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